Maltese Personality Traits – Their Lessons to Me

Maltese are a wonderful dog breed. I have to admit that I am a bit biased when I say this as Maltese are the only breed of dogs I have had. Even though I like all types of dogs, ever since I was young, I wanted a small white dog. I only knew of poodles back then. But eventually I came upon pictures of Maltese puppies. After seeing their irresistible cuteness and learning about a bit about Maltese personality traits I knew that this was the breed I wanted.

Of course, all dogs, even those of the same breed, are different. And I am sure that pet parents of dogs of different breeds can ascribe the same personality traits I ascribe to Maltese to their own dogs. However, since I can only speak to my experience with Maltese, I will tell you of the top three Maltese personality traits I have experienced Maltese companions.

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Loving – #1 of Maltese Personality Traits

My Maltese loves company. She is constantly following her human family at home. Throughout the day, she frequently looks at her human family, asks to be carried, or seeks a belly rub. She spontaneously gives her human family spas with of kisses. Such eagerness for one’s company is very endearing. It shows that she appreciates her human companions so much.

Maltese companions have some very strong friendship qualities that human companions are often not very good at offering. For instance, they listen to us without judging us, and they will readily forgive us if we act in less than perfect ways.

In short, Maltese are good role models for us in terms of showing us how to display unconditional love. They are by your side through good times and bad times and therefore teach us how to be more accepting individuals.

Of course, it might be a tall order to expect humans to be display unconditional love to the same extent that Maltese do. However, learning how to be a bit more loving and compassionate as Maltese would no doubt be a boon to our everyday relationships with other humans.

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Playful – #2 of Maltese Personality Traits

One of the traits I most love about my Maltese is that she is so happy and full of energy most of the time. It is not unlike the playfulness one sees in a human child. No matter the time of day, she will have the energy to start a game with whatever item she can find, or even without an item. She will take a toy to you, start barking, or simply run around in a playful manner.

My Maltese is a good at role modeling how to approach life in a more playful manner. Certainly, being playful and happy affects not only us but also those around us in a positive way. We attract more people when you exude positive energy instead of negative energy or no energy at all. Since energy is sometimes contagious, the dynamics of the group can be positively affected as a result.

Play and imagination are vital skills because through these activities we learn a lot. Not only that, they also help us create friendships, increase our problem-solving skills, and help us have a happier disposition. Maltese know life does not have to be taken so seriously. Many humans would benefit from adopting some of the enthusiastic energy of a Maltese.

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Thankful – # 3 of Maltese Personality Traits

In line with their loving and playful personality traits, Maltese are also thankful for what is available to them. Whether it is a piece of paper or a $3 toy, it does not matter to them – it is something to be excited about. For example, my Maltese runs around in circle at the mere mention of going out or being given her a treat. She also gets excited at the mere fact that she is getting her daily meals, and, even after not seeing me five minutes, she greets me with the excitement as though she has not seen me in ages.

As humans, we oftentimes lose appreciation for what we have available to us. I’ve rarely seen someone be as thankful for their meals or items they find as my dog. Instead, most of the time we humans think about is the next “better” thing we would like to get. We often focus on what we don’t have rather than what we do have. As a result, we become unappreciative of what is currently available to us.

If we were more like Maltese, we would be less demanding of life and live more inclined to value what is available at the present moment. How great to be able to go for a car ride or a walk. How great to be able to enjoy the nice cup of coffee and look at the chipmunk running by. What a great opportunity to be able to do our bed and organize our room. How great it is to have a job, a home to go to, and family to share moments with.

By learning to appreciate what is available, and for a moment forget yearning what we don’t have, we start to enjoy life a little more.

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My Maltese has been an excellent role model to me in terms of how to be more loving, playful, and thankful. I believe that having my Maltese in my life has taught me how to adopt these personality traits that I admire so much in here Maltese. Thus, I believe that my Maltese has improved the quality of my life.

The truth is the that most other dog breeds likely possess the personality traits I have described here. However, since this has been my experience with Maltese, I decided to write about the personality traits I have appreciated from my Maltese. What matters most is not if these are exclusively Maltese personality traits but that these are traits that we can learn from. Be a little more loving, playful, and thankful. Overtime, both you and others will appreciate it.

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