Benefits of Being a Single Woman

Most females grow up feeling that getting into a relationship and getting married are things they are expected to do. Moreover, they feel that they have to want to do these things. It is understandable why they feel this way. After all, as most people grow up, they learn by what they experience around them. And most people seek relationships and marriage, perhaps because the too grew up believing that was the expectation. The reality is that relationships and marriage are choices. There is no reason to feel inadequate if one is neither married nor in a relationship. Of course, there are benefits to being in a relationship, but there are just as many benefits to being single. In fact, in many cases, the benefits of being a single woman may outweigh those of being a relationship.

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Opportunity for Self-Reflection and Self-Development – Top Benefit of Being a Single Woman

Perhaps the most important benefit of being a single woman is that you can focus on yourself. You can dedicate your time to solving your own problems. You can explore and work on your emotions, interests, skills, and shortcomings. If you are in a relationship, this is harder to do. A healthy relationship, after all, will require focusing some attention on your partner as well.

No one is born having everything figured out. Most people have to expend a lot of time and energy thinking, doing, and practicing in order to become comfortable and happy with life. When we are young, our parents and schools might try to instill in us certain thoughts. While well-intentioned, these thoughts may not end us resonating with us in the long run. In order to live a fulfilling life, we eventually have to come to develop our lives in a way that resonates with us. Figuring this out requires a lot of internal and external exploration.

Of course, in order to make any difference, the single individual needs to put in a conscious effort of making the most of this time. If the single woman is not taking advantage of single-hood to self-explore and self-develop, it would nullify this benefit of being a single woman. It is when the single woman is satisfied with her outlook and place in life that she should start considering a relationship, if that is what she pleases.

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Opportunity to Deepen Family Bonds

Benefits of being a single woman include the fact that single woman can dedicate time in ensuring that her relationship with her immediate family is strong and healthy. Ensuring that this relationship is stable is of utmost importance. This is because, while a romantic relationship might be short-lived, family will always be family. Additionally, whether you realize it or not, your family’s well-being is likely interconnected to your well-being. If you help out your family, it is a way of helping yourself also. You will be happier if your family is happy and healthy.

If you are with a partner, you would necessarily have to take interest in their family’s well-being as well. Your partner would, in turn, have to take interest in your family’s well-being. But you would have to put each other’s well-being before either of your family’s well-being. After all, being in a relationship necessitates that sort of decision. Of course, you might be able to deepen family bonds while in a relationship, but it would likely be much harder, and take much longer.

The truth is that many of has have imperfect families. To ensure we become healthy adults, it is important to work though the issues of your childhood in order to ensure they won’t affect your adult life. When you are young and single, it is the perfect time to correct unhealthy relationships with parents.

At first this might require confrontation or a plan of how the various parties will work to creating a healthier relationship. It likely will take a number of years for you to feel comfortable with your healthier relationship. In the end, everyone will be happier with their lives. Having a good relationship with your family is essential to growing up. You would then be able to apply the good relationship skills you’ve cultivated with family to your relationship.

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Exception to this Benefit of Being a Single Woman

If your family is abusive or unhealthy to your well being, it might not be possible to deepen family bonds. The best thing to do in those situations is to distance yourself from harm. Do everything in your power to create a healthy environment for yourself. And take the steps the steps necessary to build yourself a healthy and happy future.

Even in this situation, it might be best to stay single. Give yourself time to completely think through what you’ve been through, insulate yourself from further harm, and heal and wounds. All of these things take time and energy. Since romantic relationships inevitably come with unknown complexities, it might be smart to do the work on these tasks while you are single.

Opportunity to Identify the Traits You Value in Relationships

Benefits of being a single woman also include the fact that, as you work on yourself and your family relationships, you get the opportunity to iron out what traits that are important to you in romantic relationships. It takes time to figure out what traits are most important to you in a partner. When you are young, you might think we have things figured out. However, it is not until you do an inventory of our value system and outlook of life, and test it out for some time, that you can more confidently assess these traits objectively in our partners. It is easier to learn traits you value outside a relationship because you can think rationally about things. On the other hand, if you are in relationship infatuation might have unrealistic views of your partner.

You might have heard that humans tend to get into relationships with people who possess traits not necessarily that they admire but that are familiar to them. Since you want to be be attracted to people with healthy traits, you should thus work to improve the health of existing relationships. Additionally, if you have good relationships with family and friends, you will more likely be satisfied with your life–even without a romantic partner. You will be less likely to find yourself rushing into a romantic relationship to escape your dissatisfaction with non-romantic relationships.

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Opportunity to Learn to be Self-Sufficient

One of the most practical benefits of being a single woman is that one learns how to survive by one’s own means.  It is super important to be self-sufficient. Even when you can’t do something on your own, you should learn how to be resourceful and find solutions. Whether you are male or female, you need to know how to do your finances, do chores, problem solve, and be able to set and follow through on goals. Mom and dad should not be doing these things for you forever.  Neither should your significant other.

Woman should be comfortable living alone prior to getting into a relationship. They should be happy with her own company and know how to tackle different aspects of live. This assures that they are getting into a relationship for the right reasons, not to make up for their own shortcomings. As long as the partner is also self-sufficient, it is likely that they will each be able to make contributions to the relationship and neither partner will feel overburdened.

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In summary, the benefits of being a single woman include being able to work on self-reflection and self-development, on deepening family bonds, on identifying the traits you value in relationship, and on learning to be self-sufficient. So long as single women make a conscious effort to make good use of their single years to positively work on themselves, single-hood can be a unique opportunity to develop essential skills that can be beneficial throughout life—whether single or in a romantic relationship.

Unfortunately, society pressures women to get married or be in romantic relationships. Being aware of the benefit of being a single woman can help you overcome the pressure societal expectations and feel comfortable being single. Once you master being single, you will likely be better prepared to seek a relationship, if that is what you want.

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