How to Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is something that is very common in our society. It is something many seem to consider as synonymous with having a good time. For that reason, it is sometimes assumed that if you are going to have a celebration, alcohol will be served. However, while this view is what seems to be most common in our society, it is certainly not a universal view. Even within our society, there are also a considerable number of people in our society who don’t drink alcohol. I myself have not wanted to drink simply because doing so does not make sense to me. Thus, I have to spend time pondering how to avoid drinking alcohol during special occasions and during everyday life.

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The Many Reason to Avoid Drinking Alcohol

There are many reasons people don’t drink alcohol. In some cultures, it is against religion to drink. Others don’t drink because alcoholism runs in their family. Or they might have personally struggled with addiction to alcohol in the past. Others don’t drink because they don’t like the taste of it, are allergic to it, or choose not to take intoxicating substances.

However, you don’t have to have provide a specific reason to not want to drink alcohol. In fact, simply not wanting to drink alcohol is perfectly fine. You might not be attracted to drinking alcohol in the same manner that some people avoid eating red meat or animals. Or in the same manner that some people don’t like mayonnaise. Nonetheless, when you wonder how to avoid drinking alcohol, do consider the various reasons it is destructive and undesirable.

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Damage to Relationships

One of the best ways to approach the topic of how to avoid drinking alcohol is simply by realizing the many bad things that it often associated with. It’s a widespread enough drug that you don’t think you are going to die as easily as you might trying a “more dangerous” drug. However, because it is legal, it is also the most widely abused drug.

The fact that it is legal might give you the impression that it is not dangerous as other drugs. Furthermore, society might give you the impression that is alright, or even expected, to indulge in this drug. But this is very wrong.

The initial consequences of drinking might be limited to embarrassing yourself or feeling lousy the next day. However, if you continue to abuse it, it will inevitably start to affect you and others around you in more serious and long-lasting ways. It will eventually affect your job performance, your health, and your income. Your personality might change, and you might no longer recognize the person you’ve become.

You might begin to display violent and abusive behavior towards your family. It might even cause you to inadvertently injure others, physically or emotionally, who are completely innocent. You might think you are able to hide your self-sought illness. However, it can take control of your life and how you and others view you.

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Avoid Drinking Alcohol Period – Even In Moderation, It’s Not So Safe

You might argue, “Just as everything else, alcohol is okay in moderation.” It is true that a plenty of people drink in moderation and are healthy and functional nonetheless. However, I personally do not think this is the best approach to have with alcohol. When it comes to addictive, intoxicating substances that can potentially interfere with your life, abstinence is probably the best choice.

It is just too easy to become addicted to alcohol or any other substance. Just as you might convince yourself that drinking an extra cup of coffee is harmless and can actually beneficial, the decision for just one more alcoholic drink is an easy one to make. With enough such instances, alcohol may take control over you without you even realizing it.

The risks of drinking solely for cardiovascular health benefits likely outweighs any benefits. There is not strong evidence, for example, that red wine in fact leads to better heart health.  Instead, there are other, safer, ways to get benefits. For instance, you can eat foods rich with antioxidants, or take heart-healthy supplements, such as fish oil.

One of the things I get annoyed with is the proposition of letting your kids drink to teach them how to drink in moderation. While this is usually done in an effort to help one’s children form a healthy relationship with alcohol, the relationship it builds is not necessarily a healthy one. It sends children the message that alcohol is acceptable. The reality is that there is no need for alcohol to be a part of everyday life at all. They would do better to teach their children and themselves how to avoid drinking alcohol period.

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It Is Bad for Your Health

Far from being good, alcohol causes a lot of harm to the body. In fact, it is a poison to the body. This is so much the case that, over time, it can damage your organs. It causes you to age quicker. You might develop liver issues and are at risk of developing many cancers. Furthermore, it interacts with so many medications. And it is a risk factor for innumerable diseases.

Instead of investing time into drinking alcohol and recovering from its deleterious effects, that time could be better spent doing things that are good for you. Exercising is one such example. Unlike the false type of happiness alcohol brings, exercise brings you a true type of happiness. You should hopefully feel energized from the experience of exercising, or at least from knowing that you are doing something that will improve your quality of life overall.

Other good habits that lead to greater health and life satisfaction overall are drinking more water, learning new skills, or helping others. As a result of these good habits, you and others will have a better perception of you. Needless to say, the opposite would be true if you dedicate your time to negative habits.

Life is too short to waste it on self-destructive habits. Use all of your life in ways that increase positivity in your life. Instead of viewing alcohol as something associated with positive things, view it as what it truly is. It is a poison to the human body and spirit.

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It Creates Problems

I personally know a number of families where alcohol was the source of many problems. Undoubtedly, these families had problems aside from the alcohol. However, the alcohol certainly made it many times harder to address any such problems. In fact, the fact that alcohol was involved definitely created new problems that did not exist in the first place.

Sometimes people drink to relax and forget about their problems. However, just because you are numb or oblivious to problems will make the problems disappear. Not addressing problems will make problems worse. Worst of all, not being in the right state of mind will likely create relationship and self-esteem problems that did not previously exist.

Life will always have problems. Learning how to solve these makes us stronger in the end, so long as we seek positive solutions. Stay away from alcohol to save yourself and your loved ones the numerous headaches associated with alcohol. This way, you will be able to more effectively tackle life’s everyday problems and increase your resilience over all.

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Find Friends That Avoid Drinking Alcohol

One of the main reasons that people drink is because of society expectations. It is often presented from an early way as something fun or cool to do. This is something sad as there is absolutely no need to be intoxicated to enjoy life.

Peers have a large influence on our actions. For this reason, it is best to surround yourself with people who are able to have fun without drinking. If you are asked to drink, simply state that you don’t drink. You don’t have to give an explanation for it. If they value you for the right reasons, they will respect your decision. On the other hand, if they don’t respect your decision, it might do you good to find new company.

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to meet people. You can sign up for constructive activities that you enjoy. Such activities might be reading, running, painting, or volunteering in community projects. This will allow you to meet people with whom you have common interests. Even if they drink and you don’t, the focus of your friendship can be based on those positive things that you do share in common.

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Admittedly, drinking alcohol might not have lasting consequences if done sparingly. Nonetheless, because it is an addictive substance, there is a real risk that at some point it will take control over you. Just as you likely would not give yourself the option to steal just a little order to gain a temporary benefit, you should not give yourself the option of drinking just a little. Drinking alcohol has the potential to create new problems in your life and relationships. It is simply not worth the risk.

Whether you know it or not, there are a lot of people who do not drink. There are even more people who are able to find joy in things aside from drinking. And you can for sure be one of these people.

The more you spend doing positive things, the less trouble you will have in your life. Also, the more chances of attracting a positive future for yourself and your family. Resolve to only do things that increase the potential for positive things in your life. Resolve to not drink alcohol.

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